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Planning & Development Communications

At Lbox Communications, we want to ensure all of your printed materials and leaflets are distributed to residents in a timely manner. We understand how important it is that you keep residents in the loop of any upcoming building works, road closures and noise disruptions.

Planning Application Communications

Lbox Communications’ experienced planning communications team work with over 500 active clients, to help ensure that all communication material is delivered efficiently, effectively and promptly.

Lbox Communications work closely with developers, landowners and planners to print and deliver community newsletters, planning letters and other relevant printed materials for large-scale development projects. We are committed to helping our clients deliver professional, timely and informative material concerning their scheme(s), on a regular basis.

With a dedicated, professional team and with intuitive web-based portals, delivering letters either via our full-time employed teams or Royal Mail’s postage services has never been easier for our clients.

We have over 25 years’ experience delivering printed newsletters and engagement brochures for our clients. Having worked on a range of projects from small bespoke developments to multibillion-pound Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP) Lbox are committed to delivering high-quality and professional letters to residents about upcoming planning and development works, helping our clients meet their targets, deadlines and budgets. At Lbox Communications, we give you the tools you need to quickly, effectively and easily organise your project communications.

Construction and development work can be disruptive to residents, so it’s always important to ensure you are fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities to minimise the disruption, and speed up the process as much as possible.

For developers, communities and decision-makers, one of the biggest challenges in taking forward a development scheme is to ensure that public engagement is undertaken in a way which is meaningful, inclusive and brings benefits for all involved. 

As far as community engagement schemes are concerned, we work closely with our clients to deliver appropriate, targeted printed materials that accomplish various targets. 

Whether this is to: 

  • Draw attention to ongoing or upcoming works through newsletters
  • Encourage views from residents in feedback forms or questionnaires
  • Build understanding and arouse interest in the project or scheme with informative mailshots
  • Move to establish a community steering group and pinpoint dates and times for proposed exhibitions or interactive displays
  • Provide communications detailing feedback and comments that have been raised
  • Inform residents about public exhibitions and liaison groups
  • Print material demonstrating continued support for groups, businesses and charities who are involved with the scheme

The above is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of the types of community engagement material we can print and deliver for you. Thanks to our experienced, professional in-house team, we can provide you with intuitive web booking portals that give you control and oversight in how your campaign and ongoing printed delivery is going.

We offer Royal Mail postage services, as well as offer our own unaddressed delivery services, with professional, full-time distributors. 

Lbox Communications are trusted to deliver practical, informed advice on the most beneficial, cost-effective and time-saving methods of delivery. For projects that span millions and billions of pounds’ worth of investment, our experience working on projects and schemes nationally (and internationally) has helped us deliver unique solutions for our clients.

Planning and Development Delivery Services

Our services include:

  • Community engagement newsletters
  • Stakeholder letters 
  • Works notifications
  • Noise disruption notifications
  • Construction communications
  • Public consultations