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Direct Mail Returns & Suppression Services

Direct Mail returns and suppressions
DM360 direct mail returns and suppressions

Controlled, clean data, ready for tomorrow’s campaigns

Returns managed. Suppressions executed. Future campaigns optimised. With DM360, the end of your direct mail journey is handled with the utmost professionalism.

We comprehensively clean and revamp your database based on the outcome of your mailings, ensuring your subsequent campaigns are 100% GDPR compliant and fine-tuned to maximise ROI.

Recalibrating your databases

At the end of your campaign, we build a comprehensive suppression list based on returned mailings and people unsubscribing from your marketing. Ensure that next time you target this audience, you only reach relevant, engaged customers – no wasted time or resources.

Your suppression list is compiled and ready for us to execute directly to your databases, or we can send back to you to implement. We handle your lists by your rules.

Recalibrating and cleaning your databases with suppression lists

Preserve compliance at all times

Staying in-line with GDPR regulations is vital for your company’s finances and reputation. We make sure any uninterested recipients of your mailings are removed from your data lists, so there’s zero risk of breaching their rights. Our unrivalled attention to detail keeps compliance locked-down through every campaign.

Preserve GDPR compliance at all times

Completing campaigns with total control

Every last detail at the close of your campaigns is professionally managed by our experienced team. We take the strain out of handling returns and cleanse data on your behalf, so you can fully concentrate on your business and future direct mail projects.

Direct Mail Returns managed by us for you

Returns managed by us, for you

All returned items arrive back at our offices, no matter the size or volume – we even take care of sorting, disposing and recycling these for you.

DM Suppression list built on your behalf

Suppression lists built on your behalf

Every return address is logged and compiled into a complete suppression list – we can either send this to you, or update your database directly.

Safe secure legal

Safe, secure, legal

With all returns and suppressions accounted for, you’ll never lose sleep over whether your campaigns breach data protection guidelines.

Lay foundations for the future

Lay foundations for the future

Every suppression made to your data lists boosts the ROI of future campaigns – your focus stays firmly on your active, engaged customers.

Featured Insights

Keeping Your Mailing Lists Completely Up-to-Date

Return to sender mail is among the most frustrating outcomes of a direct mail campaign. While direct mail offers some of the highest conversion rates among the various forms of marketing, there will typically be a small percentage of mailings that are sent back in the opposite direction.

This could be because you reached the wrong address, the recipient is among the millions that move house every year, or they sadly passed away. Alternatively, people in your target audience may take steps to reduce the amount of direct mail they receive from your company, such as:

  • Specifically requesting not to receive marketing messages

  • Registering with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) or DMA Choice

  • Asking your company to erase their personal data

Direct Mail Returns and Suppressions Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to do direct mail suppressions?

Having any items returned from a direct mail campaign is frustrating, but it is important that you respond to this by running suppressions on your databases. Without taking this future step, you can compromise your future campaigns in a number of ways:

  • You waste valuable budget sending mail-pieces to people who are either uninterested in your assets, or actively don’t want to receive them
  • You can damage your customer reputation by continuously sending mail to people who don’t want to receive your materials
  • You risk breaching data protection laws and regulations by keeping the contact information of people who have opted out of your marketing, opening your company up to fines and penalties

By enlisting our DM360 service to run suppressions on your behalf, we ensure that any returns you receive are reflected in your databases. This means all future campaigns are kept as efficient, optimal and secure as possible.

What types of direct mail does your returns service apply to?

We are happy to receive any returned items sent as part of your direct mail campaigns, including (but not limited to):

  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Magazines
  • Tabbed mailings
  • Bespoke mailings

We will take back items of any size, format and shape, and make sure that these are properly sorted and recycled where appropriate.

How much is your returns and suppressions service?

The cost of our returns and suppression service for direct mail varies from campaign to campaign, and is based on several factors:

  • How many items are returned as part of your campaign
  • How many suppressions must be performed
  • Whether you apply suppressions yourself, or would like us to do this for you

At Lbox, we are always transparent about costs, and we’re happy to talk through your requirements at any time to give you a quote. Get in touch using the form below and let’s get started.

What are goneaways?

Goneaways are a way to describe contacts within your audience who no longer reside at the address they had previously listed.

This is a crucial consideration for your promotion, as carefully monitoring and updating your mailing list to include only valid recipients is essential to accurate, compliant and efficient direct mail campaigns.

What happens if you don't properly suppress your data?

Failing to suppress your data is more than just a source of waste for your outreach efforts. Avoiding this vital task can jeopardise the ROI of your campaigns and result in the breach of GDPR. It can also lead to:

  • Customer complaints

  • Damage to your brand’s reputation

  • Decreased response rates

  • A greater number of returns in future

What are direct mail returns and suppressions services?

Although returns are time-consuming and frustrating to deal with, they are an important part of any successful campaign. To diligently manage these contacts, it is important to compile suppression lists, and ensure those who have opted-out are no longer contacted.

At Lbox, we handle returns management, execute suppressions, and optimise future campaigns. Trust us to handle the end of your direct mail journey with total precision and professionalism.

What are the benefits of direct mail returns and suppression services?

Outsourcing returns and suppression management to a professional direct mail partner, such as Lbox, can free up internal resources while maintaining 100% compliance and efficiency.

As well as removing the complexity of managing your direct mail campaigns, relying on a trusted direct mail returns and suppression service can:

  • Guarantee compliance with GDPR and other data protection laws

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Result in greater precision in direct mail targeting

  • Improve your campaign’s ROI

How often do you update your suppression lists?

We track every return, and at the end of your campaign, build a comprehensive suppression list ready for us to execute on. Alternatively, we can send data to you to handle yourself if you would prefer – your lists, your rules.

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