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Lbox Communications - Working for a better, ethical tomorrow
Our Environmental Responsibility

Working for a better,
ethical tomorrow

A sincere commitment to our planet, our people and our responsibilities

Lbox Communications Environmental Statement

Actions we take as a company are aimed towards a more ethical, eco-friendly tomorrow. From planting trees after every job we complete, to maintaining a carbon-positive workforce, we are as fiercely committed to our planet as we are to our customers and our team.

Rainforest Trust Member Ecologi workforceWe offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Carbon offset

Lbox offsets carbon emissions for our company and people.

Our commitment to a
climate positive workforce

Every action we take has an environmental consequence, so we make sure we offset any carbon our employees produce through our partnership with Ecologi. Equally, any company activity that could impact our planet is offset by carbon negative, climate positive activities.

Lbox Communications have a climate positive workforce

We plant a tree for every
job we complete

Investing in our ecosystem is one of many ways we reinforce our commitment to the world around us. No matter how small the job is, we will plant a tree to counteract the paper used in every campaign. So far we've planted over 82,600 trees!

Lbox Communications plant two trees for every job completed

Proud partner of
The Rainforest Trust

As a Bronze member of the Rainforest Trust UK, our donations protect 4,000 sq. ft. of rainforest. As part of the Conservation Circle, we join businesses all over the world in protecting endangered species and habitats across the globe. We chose the Rainforest Trust because 100% of our donations go towards this important cause.

Lbox Communications are a Proud partner of the Rainforest Trust

Working as one for a brighter future

For any environmental commitment to stick, everyone has to play a part. Our ever-growing list of internal initiatives are created by our team for our team, so that sustainability is championed in everything we do.

Toner recylce

Toner recycling

As a company that offers large-scale printing, we recycle all our printer toner cartridges, cutting down waste and reducing the amount of materials needed to make new toner products.

Going digital

Digital first

Everyone across our company uses paperless job sheets. In doing so, we reduce our paper usage and waste within the business.

Natural carobon reduction

Natural carbon reduction

We’ve introduced plants across many sites and areas of the business. This not only goes a small way to lower our carbon output, but creates a more pleasant work environment.

Saving power

Saving power

From ensuring power outlets are turned off when not in use, to reducing light consumption. Every member of our team is committed to cutting our daily energy usage and taking small, important steps to fight climate change.

Company wide recycling

Company-wide recycling

We have taken an all-in approach to recycling, introducing recycling bins in our offices and removing general waste paper bins at desks to encourage this at all times.

Clothes drives

Clothes drives

We hold regular clothes drives which allows our employees to get rid of their unwanted clothes in a sustainable way and support underprivileged areas.

Sustainability week

Sustainability week
and other events

We take part in a sustainability week each year, which sees all of our team make their way into the office by foot, public transport, and other eco-friendly methods.

Fundraising initiatives

Fundraising initiatives

We regularly organise fundraising events to support environmental and humanitarian causes, such as sending first-aid kits to the people of Ukraine. Watch this space to follow our journey.

Ready to talk

Ready to talk?

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