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Miranda Crerar

Partnership Director

Miranda Crerar is our Partnership Director, responsible for building client relationships, managing our sales teams, streamlining products and onboarding new customers – all while confirming that we offer the very best level of service possible.

With customer service at the heart of her role, Miranda plays an integral role for our 500+ clients. Whether it's understanding the needs of our prospects, or devising solutions that exceed expectations, Miranda relishes the opportunity to help ensure our client’s communications are seen, heard and received – faster, smarter and better.

Backed by over 12 years of experience running her own direct mail business, Miranda’s leadership and insight is integral in improving our processes, contributing fresh ideas and exploring new opportunities.

What is your role at Lbox?

I specialise in nurturing client relationships, ensuring those who work with us have all they need to access our services. My role also involves ensuring clients are aware of services and products that may be of interest to them.

At the same time, I manage our sales team and decide which sectors to prospect. As part of this, I create the process and tools that we use to reach out to and onboard customers.

Whether it’s surveying our existing clients about their experience with us, pioneering ways we can improve the way we work, or discussing the requirements of our associates, every area of my role is laser focused on optimising client satisfaction.

What is your background in the print industry?

Prior to joining Lbox in 2021, I was running my own direct mail business, Push Mailing, for 12 years. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of all aspects of this process, knowledge that I brought to Lbox to support the development of their own specialist direct mail service, DM360 Direct Mail.

I bring a wealth of experience to the table that has made me an effective leader and strong communicator with clients. With it, I build new processes, contribute fresh ideas, and explore new opportunities to help Lbox solidify its position as a trusted national provider.

What do you find most fulfilling about your role?

From talking with clients and addressing their roadblocks, to onboarding new prospects and settling them as customers, client service is at the heart of everything I do and something I find immensely rewarding everyday.

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