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What are Mailshot Letters? All You Need to Know

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What are Mailshot Letters? All You Need to Know

Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to reach more of your target audience, grow your business, and strengthen your relationship with both your existing customers and new prospects.

Both B2B and B2C organisations use mailshot marketing as another example of this highly effective marketing strategy. We have created a short guide on everything you need to know about mailshot advertising and how a mailing house like Lbox Communications can be of value to you.

What is a mailshot?

A mailshot is a direct mail communication where a business will contact large amounts of their prospects through the post.

The most common types of mailshots are highly personalised postcards or letters promoting that business’ products or services. However, mailshot advertising is not limited to this. You can also take advantage of sending mailshots that promote events, community engagement activities, flyers, newsletters or political campaigns.

Successful mailshot campaigns catch your readers’ attention, intrigue them enough to read more than the first few lines and encourage them to take the desired action.

For years, companies have invested in mailshot marketing due to how cost-effective it can be and how tangible direct mail campaigns can be if executed professionally and proactively. If you’re looking to reach swathes of customers at competitive prices via a third-party direct mail company or mailing house, mailshot letters could be just what you’re looking for.

What are the benefits of sending mailshots?

Whatever your business goals, writing and sending effective mailshots as a way of writing directly to your customers and promoting your business can bring you numerous benefits.

Here are just a few of the advantages of creating a mailshot campaign:

  • You can personalise a mailshot to each and every recipient on your mailing list. Since each mailshot is delivered directly to your customers’ hands, they are far more likely to read your message. This can, in turn, raise your brand awareness.
  • You can tailor your direct mailshots to identified customer groups or prospects based on some preset criteria. This can then help you understand their buying behaviours, allowing you to narrow down the best types of people to target.
  • It’s easy to track and monitor the success and progress of your direct mail campaigns. Provided all the right steps are taken, and the proper procedures are put in place, mailshot campaigns can be easy to track. Using unique, identifiable indicators for each mail piece will allow you to track and monitor your results easily. The easier this is, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to make informed decisions for your future mailshot marketing campaigns, given you’ll have a better understanding of what works best for your organisation.
  • Direct mail advertising generally has a higher response rate than email and other forms of digital marketing. Physical media feels more authentic to the human brain, leading to a greater response, particularly if a mailshot is attention-grabbing within the first couple of seconds a person picks it up and the Call to Action (CTA) is clear.
  • Mailshot advertising complements your other marketing efforts; utilising mailshot marketing as part of an integrated marketing approach has been known to work well for businesses all over the world. Using mailshots as part of a more comprehensive integrated marketing approach helps to attract a greater ROI while reinforcing other channels. For example, email marketing can work more effectively with printed flyers and brochures backing it, as the direct mail efforts collaborate with emails to deliver a united, consistent message.
  • Mailshot campaigns are notoriously cost-effective when compared to digital advertising. The design, print and distribution of mailshot materials are straightforward and affordable, and sending bulk mail is economically beneficial. Thanks to Lbox Communications’ working relationships with providers like Royal Mail, businesses can send mailshots at very competitive postage rates.
  • Advertising campaigns are significantly helped thanks to an in-house fulfilment team, meaning special items are packaged and delivered swiftly and professionally.
  • Campaigns are also aided with a 24-hour mailshot printing service, so we can turn around your high-quality, professional-looking mailshots quickly.
  • Thanks to Lbox Communications’ customised booking systems, you can track and manage your campaigns with complete visibility and control, so you know which mailshots have been sent to which addresses.

Mailshot marketing with an experienced mailing house

Mailshots can be tremendously effective components of your company’s marketing strategy, mainly if they are used alongside digital marketing.

However, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of understanding your target audience, so your campaign is as relevant, engaging and personalised as possible. Think of the powerful message you want to send your prospects and the desired actions you want them to take. Audience targeting, consumer data and personalisation will all help you achieve the most out of your mailshot marketing.

For a no-obligation quote from Lbox Communications, a mailing house with over 25 years of experience handling direct mailshot campaigns, fill in our contact form, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your campaign requirements.

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