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David King

CEO & creator of tellthem™

As CEO of Lbox Communications, David King is at the forefront of the company’s evolution, working to drive the business forward and ensure systems, processes and suppliers are on course for client success.

Working to drive the business forward, David keeps systems, processes and suppliers on course for client success. His day-to-day includes monitoring overall team performance and ensuring all objectives are met across the company. People look to David for advice on process improvement, system integration and creating outstanding customer experiences.

His passion for the speed and sophistication of Lbox’s solutions also pioneered the creation of tellthem™, a first-of-its-kind Targeted Delivery & Mapping Platform (TDMP) that’s revolutionising the way organisations plan and send mail for the better.

David also champions ethical and environmentally-conscious practices at the company, helping Lbox on its path to a better, more sustainable future.

What is your role at Lbox?

As CEO, my role today primarily involves steering the strategic direction of the business to continue pushing the boundaries in fast turnaround print and delivery.

I also spend a great deal of time speaking with our customers. By understanding their barriers and hurdles, we can learn how to improve the way we work and the service we offer. This is core to our intelligent approach, and how we deliver on our promises, time and again.

My role also involves prioritising sustainability throughout the company. By going beyond policies, and taking time to change how we work and behave, I’m proud to champion our sustainability for a better tomorrow.

What is your background in this industry?

I started my career in the mail industry as an Account Manager at TNT Post, eventually becoming Senior Business Development Manager – a position that involved collaborating with charities to improve direct mail access.

Whistl welcomed me in 2012 as Business Development Director, later promoting me to Partnership Director. Here, I honed skills in business growth, contract negotiation and sales management.

In 2015, I joined Lbox as their Sales and Marketing Director, and became CEO in 2022, where I am actively involved in all facets of our company.

What do you find most fulfilling about your role?

As Lbox's CEO, I find our ability to adapt quickly incredibly fulfilling. It’s this agility that allows us to exceed client expectations, and improve our service for the better.

I also value the unique challenge that every day brings. Whether it’s collaborating with key suppliers behind the scenes, or supporting the team's growth, overcoming these hurdles day-to-day is incredibly rewarding.

Furthermore, the development of our groundbreaking tellthem™ is something I’m particularly proud of. Responding to the time-consuming, stressful nature of mapping and planning crucial mail notifications, it is rewarding to be behind a platform that is removing these hurdles for hundreds of organisations across the UK.

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