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Construction Newsletters

Newsletters to Residents

Creating newsletters as part of a community engagement programme can be very effective. By delivering regular newsletters to residents, you can keep them up-to-date on important local issues, upcoming events and what current work is being done. It can also encourage a sense of local community while keeping them informed about current events and issues that they should be aware of.

Distributing newsletters which cover updates on planning and development works, building applications and important resident communications requires plenty of time and forward planning to get right. This is where Lbox Communications can help you every step of the way, from planning the appropriate newsletter campaign strategy to printing and distribution.

Planning Construction Newsletters and Communications

At Lbox Communications, we have delivered thousands of community engagement campaigns per annum for clients at a local, regional and national level. We recognise the importance of thorough planning, efficient and timely communication and high-quality printed materials, which, in tandem, can make for a strong campaign. However, it is difficult to manage these aspects on your own, and here at Lbox Communications, we aim to alleviate that pressure and stress from you.

With a transparent, flexible approach to your campaign, and user-friendly, intuitive web portals, Lbox Communications can provide a bespoke, tailored solution that helps you manage and plan your community engagement effectively. We take great pride in ensuring print and delivery should be simple, hassle-free and prompt, and providing you with a bespoke, innovative portal to help your campaign run smoothly.

Newsletter and Community Engagement Distribution

Developers, authorities, organisations, institutions and businesses alike can inform or consult local communities about the impacts they are likely to experience when a project gets underway. Particularly for large, complex, commercial building projects, the affected communities may have a particular interest. In these instances, it’s important to engage with community residents and businesses, to help build and maintain those relationships.

Construction, given its nature, is typically disruptive and can significantly impact so many people. A project is worsened if it’s handled poorly, and particularly so if residents are not kept informed, which can only worsen the situation if they are already dealing with noise, dust, congestion and road closures.

By rolling out newsletters, you can keep local communities happy by:

  • Keeping them updated on new developments and their progress
  • Reinforcing planned completion dates
  • Establishing effective methods of communication to people close to the project(s)
  • Answering residents’ questions and complaints
  • Providing details of relevant projects they can get involved with, if they wish
  • Providing opportunities for feedback through meetings, written communication etc.
  • Giving details of how you plan to support the people in the community

Lbox Communications help our clients deliver regular construction communications to our clients. We work closely with developers and authorities, having taken the time to understand their needs, timescales, objectives and obstacles, and subsequently deliver regular newsletters at a local, regional and national level

Many contractors recognise that corporate social responsibility is integral to how they work, and in turn, approach each project they build. For those who are responsible for the planning, development and integration of a building, communicating regularly with communities is vital. Lbox Communications are here to help you deliver high-quality printed materials in a timely manner, giving you a technologically-innovative solution to manage and oversee your campaigns.