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Data Services

Well-managed and up-to-date data is crucial to the success of any direct mail marketing campaign. From sourcing to sorting, Lbox Communications’ team of specialists offer a wide range of proactive, intuitive ideas to build the success of your direct mail efforts and help you achieve tangible results.

Ensuring data is as good as can be is something that is often overlooked but is vital for campaign success. At Lbox Communications, we take data very seriously, and understand how beneficial it is for a business to have data filtered, cleansed and managed to maximise ROI. 

Lbox Communications’ data services are 100% compliant with all areas of GDPR regulations.

Virtually every single direct mail campaign involves comprehensive and structured data management, from tidying up customer databases to maximising postal discounts. Therefore, you need to ensure you’re working with the most accurate and high-quality information possible. We recognise the importance of customer databases, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re often outdated or incomplete. Lbox Communications can handle and enhance your direct mail data accurately and securely.

Data cleansing is vital in complying with GDPR and other data protection regulations. Not only that, but it helps to maximise your response rates and avoid wasting valuable money and resources on unnecessary printing and delivery. Our data cleansing solutions include de-duplication, MPS cleansing, incompletions, and running suppression files. In addition, we can sort and cleanse your data so that it’s compliant with Royal Mail standards and adheres to MPS. At Lbox Communications, we take GDPR compliance very seriously and take every step to ensure we are adhering to these data protection guidelines every step of the way during our data processing.

Experian Data Sourcing

Experian allows third parties to search the profiles of prospective customers to create the right, targeted direct mail campaigns that are matched specifically to their audience. Whether this is regarding demographics such as homeownership status, age, or a propensity to purchase specific products, your campaign will be expertly tailored to your desired customers. Therefore, it will give your campaign the biggest chances of success. 

If you need to purchase data from Experian to support your marketing campaigns, Lbox Communications can help facilitate that. All data is sourced lawfully, securely and efficiently.

Direct Mail Data Processing

If you’re ready to begin discussing options for data processing and filtering so you can get your campaign off to the right start, speak to Lbox Communications today.