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Domino's DM360 Direct Mail Case Study
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Domino’s Pizza uses DM360 Direct Mail to power their campaigns across the UK

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Domino’s Pizza have depended on us for over 15 years is testament to the efficiency, expertise and professionalism we bring to the core of their communications.
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A tasty DM360 Direct Mail case study

Domino’s Pizza is one of the UK’s foremost takeaway franchises. A core component of their marketing is the use of printed promotions, deals, announcements and more for local residents and businesses. This is crucial in their efforts to attract customers, re-engage returning customers, and cut through the competition.

Back in 2007, our first Domino’s franchisee signed up for DM360 Direct Mail to target and reach lapsed customers with unique, mouth-watering deals. Since then, dozens more have benefited from our full turnkey solution, relying on our expertise across all 6 sides of successful direct mail marketing campaigns.

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Our 360º solution for a world-renowned pizza chain

We work closely with individual Domino’s franchisees throughout the UK in planning, arranging and executing hundreds of direct mail campaigns every year.

Data Sourcing & Management

We gather the accurate, relevant data at the base of each campaign. There are several ways we do this. We extract data from Domino’s internal systems to target specific consumers, whether that is to encourage lapsed customers to reorder with special promotions, or reward loyal customers with unique offers.

Alternatively, we use our own demographic data sources to identify customers that fit Domino’s typical audience (affluent couples, families, etc.), or our unique tellthem™ mapping tool to pinpoint target areas, such as the “golden mile” around stores, for widespread promotions or to announce new openings.

Whatever the purpose of the campaign, we secure the data Domino’s needs to reach the right customers at the right time, with GDPR compliance maintained at all times.

Design Advisory

Having worked with Domino’s for 15+ years, we are very familiar with their brand guidelines and work with their designers to create the ideal mail-pieces for all campaigns, gathering relevant artwork on behalf of individual franchisees.

We then advise franchisees on the design and format of mailings for the most effective, cost-efficient approach, whether this is a bundle lunch package for local businesses, or a special deal for university students.


We arrange and execute all printing on behalf of the Domino’s franchises we work with, taking away all pressure involved. Using the latest campaign artwork, our fast-turnaround printers guarantee all materials are produced to a high standard across a wide range of formats, including personalised letters, deal posters, value cards, menus and more.

Efficiency and quality are crucial to successful direct mail campaigns, and we ensure these never slip. Plus, we often complete multiple jobs for franchises at once, so they can benefit from the reduced costs of bulk orders.

Machine & Hand Fulfilment

We also take care of fulfilling all mailings for each Domino’s campaign, and again will often complete this for multiple franchises at once so they can take advantage of bulk order prices.

This is either handled by our machine fulfilment service, rapidly preparing and personalising printed mailings, or our trained hand fulfilment professionals who meticulously organise more bespoke items, such as fridge and notice board magnets for local businesses.

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We identify the most suitable postage service from our network of trusted delivery carriers based on the location of the campaign, format of the items, deadlines and more.

This ensures that our Domino’s franchisees receive the most cost-effective service available, without any drop in the quality and reliability of their deliveries. Furthermore, landing days for all campaigns are managed to maximise ROI.

Returns & Suppressions

To complete each campaign journey, we handle all returns across every campaign, and compile all necessary suppressions to keep their databases completely up-to-date.

The Results

Our work with Domino’s Pizza is one of the best DM360 Direct Mail success stories. As an acclaimed pizza chain, they know a thing or two about great delivery – the fact they have depended on us for over 15 years is testament to the efficiency, expertise and professionalism we bring to the core of their communications.

Over the years we have become more than just a direct mail service – today, we act as a true extension of Domino’s marketing capabilities, helping them plan, produce and send over a million items every year.

From data sourcing all the way to items arriving in customers’ letterboxes, we give their franchisees a true 360º solution. Experienced advice. Fast turnarounds. Decisions that maximise ROI. That is how we help Domino’s go beyond direct mail and stay at the forefront of their consumers’ minds.

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