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Works Notifications

Newsletters to Residents

Whenever maintenance work is being planned, one thing which cannot be ignored is practical, regular communication. Essential works on railways, roads and public areas need to be communicated and relayed to anyone who lives or works near to where the works will be taking place. 

Communication During Building Projects

Maintenance and repair works are often minor pieces of a large puzzle. When a company like TfL or Network Rail initiate a project or incentive to improve standards and services, communication is key. This is why, even though the construction work is likely to disrupt many people, the companies issuing these letters need to adopt regular, cohesive works communication letters that ensure people are kept updated, and not left in the dark.

Developers and contractors should also aim to develop a public relations and community engagement plan to keep residents updated of work before and during the construction work.

This printed material, which can be distributed to local communities easily and in bulk thanks to solutions from Lbox Communications, should clearly detail information and advice so that residents can understand exactly what is happening, when and how the work is potentially going to affect them.

These printed work notification letters should detail:

  • The nature of the construction work
  • A timetable for completion
  • Easy-to-understand diagrams, schedules and drawings (if required)
  • What impact the work will have
  • The steps that will be taken to minimise disruption
  • Appropriate notice of particularly disturbing or noisy activity
  • Opportunities for residents to raise concerns or complaints
  • Contact information of site managers and out-of-hours contact information in case of emergencies
  • Steps taken to address previous or ongoing complaints

As far as larger-scale or major commercial developments and projects, organisations responsible should consider a wider community engagement plan.

Essential construction, repair or maintenance work letters are regularly distributed by Community Relations Managers or Project Managers, as well as representatives of companies that are responsible for these public services. They are responsible for delivering all construction communications to homes and businesses that are likely to face disruption, and act as the point of contact for people to raise concerns or disputes.

Communications can include notifying people of:

  • Resurfacing roads
  • Bridge replacements
  • Railway relays or improvement works
  • Motorway upgrades
  • Train station enabling works

Residents and businesses need to be kept fully up-to-date about any short and long-term maintenance projects, and it is tremendously important to ensure they’re well-informed throughout the project’s lifespan. All comms need to ensure they detail up-to-date timescales and dates for when the works will be carried out, as well as contact information for the relevant Community Relations Manager(s). 

Lbox Communications helps organisations by providing efficient print and delivery solutions for all construction work notifications. We work with the likes of Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail, Highways England and many more to help them deliver thousands of work notification letters to residents and businesses per annum, across the UK.

Community Relations

Community engagement campaigns can be effective in keeping residents updated and, in turn, changing what is a disruptive time into a positive experience.

Leaflets and printed materials like newsletters can not only keep residents up-to-date on all works, but also educate them on local issues, upcoming events and community activities. 

With a flexible approach to leaflet and newsletter printing, delivery and distribution, Lbox Communications can provide a solution that is the perfect fit for your organisation, aims and targets. Our tools and services help you manage and plan your community engagement effectively.

Delivery and Communication Solutions

Lbox Communications can help provide you with a bespoke design, printing and delivery solution which gives you complete control over your printed communications. Technology is at the heart of what we do, and our web-based booking portals allow you to map your targeted area, precisely identify property numbers and organise the print and delivery of the exact materials you require. 

All of this can be done using a hassle-free and user-friendly portal, supported by Lbox Communications’ dedicated, service-driven team of tech experts. We will work diligently to ensure all of your requirements are met and that you can deliver your material to your chosen areas within your designated timescales.

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