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Resident Communications

Whether best practice or a legal requirement for your project, it’s vital to keep residents informed of construction or development works, that could affect their daily lives. Distributing physical, written communications to residents at their addresses (legally and ethically) is the most effective ways to keep them informed.

Distributing Letters to Residents

From a resident’s perspective, the less disruption they have, and more information they receive, the better. However, for developers, contractors, local authorities and councils, small and large-scale projects are vital in creating our built environment. To help ensure that these projects run smoothly and efficiently, stakeholder and community engagement are essential.

Lbox Communications are here to help ensure you can keep residents informed of anything they need to know quickly, proactively and effectively.

Types of Resident Communication

  • Community engagement newsletters – regular printed materials which give people an update on current events in the community.
  • Construction works notifications – to notify residents of any current or future building work which could affect their lives. For example, any work which could cause noise disruption or an increase in debris or dust. This also includes road closures which affect residents, such as in their daily commute to and from work.
  • Neighbourhood officer or property developer visits – to give residents the opportunity to raise concerns or issues.
  • News regarding disruptions – any developments which have caused unexpected delays in project completion.
  • Public consultations – detailing proposal information regarding public schemes, such as invitations or questionnaires.
  • Planning and development communications – informing residents of approved or pending planning permission for nearby areas.

It doesn’t just start with leaflets and flyers, as different people respond to different types of marketing material or communications. However, providing people with clear, up-to-date information, in a consistent and effective way gives them reassurance. This will help to ensure positive responses all round

Development and Resident Communication Specialists

Lbox Communications are experts in providing bespoke resident communication solutions for your organisation, and we can offer these solutions nationwide or worldwide. Our innovative web-based booking portal allows you to map your impacted area, obtain instant property counts, organise your print, receive an instant quote, and submit your campaign in less than 3 minutes. We make leaflet distribution or mailing of relevant communications straightforward, efficient and cost-effective.

Fast turnaround times and prompt delivery means that when working with Lbox Communications, all of your requirements are met and you can meet your deadlines without worry.

Please refer to our specific pages on building communications we provide:

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24hr print & delivery

Some features our clients love

  • Easy to use mapping functions
  • Industry specific search functionality
  • Instant property counts
  • Tailored print options
  • Mail and unaddressed delivery options
  • Real time job updates

Want to discuss your needs and find out more about how we can help streamline your communications?