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Marketing Leaflets

Leaflet marketing is a popular marketing method for businesses who want to bring in new customers, boost sales and increase their brand awareness.

Door-to-door leaflet marketing or hand-to-hand distribution are both effective in their own ways. Lbox Communications are leaflet distribution specialists with a proven track record of handling campaigns for a wide variety of clients across London and beyond. We have over 25 years managing national campaigns for our clients. 

We can pinpoint the most effective distribution methods (Solus, shared or selective), types of leaflets and geographical areas for distributing material, for our clients’ campaigns. We support this with proactive and efficient printing.

Leaflet marketing is the process of distributing printed materials to homes and businesses in a specific area. Companies that use leaflet and flyer distribution can target their desired location based on several factors.

A well-thought-out promotional leaflet campaign is designed to engage customers with a business, product or service. Leafleting reaches customers in their homes and can be an incredibly cost-effective method of advertising. 

Many businesses use promotional leaflet marketing as a way to communicate their services, products and brand.

Almost any business can benefit from a marketing leaflet distribution campaign. This largely depends on their service offering and when they want to run their campaign.

Some examples of businesses that use leafleting:

  • Estate agents
  • Franchise restaurants and takeaways 
  • Colleges and universities
  • Care homes
  • Gyms and fitness providers
  • Personal services including dentists and hairdressers

Lbox Communications don’t just help businesses; we also help borough councils and political parties distribute their leaflets, publications and flyers, regarding upcoming elections, by-elections and critical events.

Leaflet marketing & drops can be tremendously useful for almost any organisation that wants to grab customers’ attention within targeted areas.

Here are just a few benefits of leaflet distribution:

  • Targeted directly to your demographic
  • Measurable
  • Drive clients online
  • Retained in a household
  • Leaflets can be very informative
  • Engaging with your target audience
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be planned months in advance to draw interest in seasonal events or projects
  • Can improve your brand PR
  • Supported by high-quality and efficient printing

Leaflet Marketing Types

Lbox Communications help our clients handle distribution campaigns, whether this is:

Door-to-door leaflet distribution

This involves our fully-employed, vetted, GPS-tracked distribution team delivering material to specific households. This is also known as letterbox marketing, and can be done via Solus (focused), shared (multi-drop) or selective methods.

Hand-to-hand communication

Handing printed leaflets and flyers directly to customers in a specific location, or during a particular event. We can help you with the most strategic places for hand-to-hand leaflet drops, timings and contingency plans.

Need Campaign Planning?

Our campaigns are flexible and bespoke for each of our clients, and our experts can help with your brief and tailor a service that meets your needs and deadlines.