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Leaflet & Flyer Types

Flyer and leaflet distribution remains a practical, efficient and cost-effective way of reaching customers in a specific area. While it’s vital to consider the most efficient leaflet and flyer delivery method for you, the team here at Lbox Communications also offer printing services that go hand-in-hand with effective and professional distribution.

Our service team are committed to printing leaflets to your exact requirements promptly and to a high standard, and we will also consult with you on the most effective way to present your message.

Leaflet Styles

Lbox Communications have over 25 years’ experience delivering leaflets and flyers for our clients in a variety of different sizes, styles and folds. Printing and distributing leaflets is an excellent way to get your message to homes and businesses in your target area, but a vital piece of that puzzle is to ensure the leaflet or flyer is going to be eye-catching and relevant for those who receive it.

Simple and clear offers, with a strong call to action, may need no more than a single A5 page, whereas for others there needs to be more text, which would require more pages. We can produce the following:

  • Single sheet
  • Single fold
  • Cross fold
  • Concertina fold
  • Roll fold
  • Door hanger
  • Closed gatefold
  • Open gatefold

We can print these types of leaflets in almost any size, in different materials and with matt, silk, gloss and other finishes.

If you are not sure where to start, speak to Lbox Communications.

What Types of Leaflets do Lbox Communications Print?

Lbox Communications specialise in printing leaflets, flyers and other printed materials for specific sectors. Our 25 plus years of delivering leaflet distribution campaigns for clients in London has helped us establish a thorough understanding of the most effective types of material to deliver, as well as the method they’re sent out.

We deliver the following types of leaflets:

  • Public sector information
  • Local council information
  • College information 
  • Gym flyers
  • Political leaflets
  • Marketing leaflets
  • Franchisee takeaway menus
  • Estate agent leaflets

We can print in numerous combinations, from DL flyers and standard single sheets of A5 to square flyers or folded, creased and laminated leaflets.

We can help figure out the most effective flyer type for your business or organisation, and ensure that you are reaching your target market in the most efficient way possible. We offer leaflet distribution on a Solus, shared or selective scale, where your flyers and leaflets will be delivered by uniformed, GPS-tracked individuals.

Print and Delivery

Prior to printing, the team at Lbox Communications will discuss area maps and plan the most convenient, efficient routes so you know exactly where your leaflets and flyers will be distributed. Through our easy-to-use software, we will also provide you with the ability to target specific postcode sectors. This in turn also allows you to target particular households or businesses. Lbox Communications are committed to delivering your high-quality leaflets and flyers accurately, on time in your chosen drop area using our full-time, employed, GPS-tracked leaflet distribution team. 

Leaflet and flyer distribution is currently incredibly popular, and as our reputation grows, so does the demand for professional, timely and effective leaflet distribution services. Lbox Communications have over 25 years of experience handling print and delivery for clients in all London boroughs, and we are motivated to deliver the same positive results for you.

If you are looking for a reliable provider of leaflet and flyer distribution and printing services, then speak to Lbox Communications today.

Leaflet Printing Services

If you are looking for a reliable provider of leaflet and flyer printing services, then speak to Lbox Communications today.