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Leaflet Distribution: Flyer & Leaflet Distribution Services London

Experts in distributing leaflets door to door to residential and business addresses across London

At Lbox Communications, we take great pride in building rapport and trust with our clients, which are both integral for delivering a successful leaflet distribution campaign in London. In order for us to deliver a tangible and proactive solution to your business, that’s going to work in your favour, we thoroughly need to understand your business, services, goals and aspirations.

Our professional and service-driven personnel take an active interest in your business, ensuring you are provided with the tools, resources, guidance and support, tailored specifically to your requirements. This ensures you have complete control of your leaflet distribution campaign, with easy-to-manage schedules and orders via our innovative web-based booking portals.

Managed Leaflet Distribution in London

Our efficient and quality-driven street teams fulfil your requirements through standardised ISO-approved processes. All of our distributors are full-time, uniformed and GPS-tracked, which means you can have total peace of mind. knowing Lbox Communications are thoroughly accredited to carry out the task at hand. Our clients’ campaigns are regularly monitored and audited by independent regulators such as StepCheck and the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Lbox Communications take delivery reliability incredibly seriously, which has been built upon 25 years of experience our excellent providing leaflet and flyer delivery services, coupled with reliable and high-quality print & design solutions.

Professional Leaflet Distribution Services

At Lbox Communications, we provide the following distribution services:

  • Council or local authority leaflets
  • Flyer distribution
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Political leaflets
  • Estate agency leaflets
  • Takeaway leaflet printing
  • Door drop distribution
  • Marketing material
  • Newsletter distribution

Although our services are not restricted to just the above, so contact us today to discuss your Leaflet Distribution needs.

Alternatively, contact us by phone or email:

London: 020 8940 0666

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Our Leaflet Distribution Methods

We offer various types of door to door distribution methods to suit all clients, budgets and distribution needs.

Solus Leaflet Delivery

Solus is a highly effective way of reaching your target customer when maximum impact is required, your campaign is time sensitive or you wish to reach a bespoke target area.

Our Solus distribution service means your item is delivered on its own, exactly where and when you want it. No other leaflets – no distraction.

We can deliver to every street, store catchment, postcode sector, council ward or borough across Greater London’s 3.3m plus homes and businesses.

Solus gives you maximum impact on the doormat and is backed up by our knowledge, experience and market-leading planning software.

Let’s discuss your ROI model and objectives to understand how we can help you achieve your goals.

Prices start from £72.50 per ‘000 items

Shared Leaflet Delivery

Our shared distribution service provides all the reliability of Solus but at a lower cost.

We match your distribution with a maximum of two non-competing clients who wish to deliver to the same area. By sharing the distribution your costs are reduced.

We cover large areas of London on a regular basis. We will work with you to understand your target areas and advise you when suitable shared opportunities come along. Shared distribution needs a little more flexibility with timing and is subject to availability, but you are able to reach your customers more cost-effectively.

Prices start from £37.50 per ‘000 items

Selective Leaflet Delivery

Selective distribution lets you further refine your delivery requirements to reach a more defined audience.  Selective distribution is perfect when your campaign needs to be more specific, delivered to selected roads, certain property types or demographic groups.

Our in-house targeting team use specially developed mapping tools to create your campaign plan ensuring delivery is executed inline with your objectives.

Prices start from £125 per ‘000 items

Direct Mail Services

We provide a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to Royal Mail for addressed mail delivery when 1 in 3 addresses in an area are covered.

Our dynamic mapping software ensures we deliver your items using the most efficient routing matrix via our experienced street teams.

We can collect your pre-printed items from your preferred mailing house and deliver to the addresses specified. Alternatively, you can supply us with your database, and we will print and enclose your mailing on site here at our Richmond Head Office before delivery takes place.

We comply with all operational requirements and complaints handling procedures as defined by Postcomm (Postal Services Regulations 2008).

Prices start from £150 per ‘000

Network Rail

Network Rail

Network Rail is the owner, operator and infrastructure manager of Britain’s main railway network. Communicating with residents was key and Lbox Communications booking portal provided the perfect solution.


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Benefits of Using Lbox Communications for Leaflet Distribution

GPS Tracked Distribution

Using unique GPS devices and our field driver supervisors technology, Lbox Communications can track the status of your leaflet distribution material.

Direct Marketing Through Flyers & Leaflets

Leaflet and flyer distribution is an effective form of direct marketing, which can put your business in front of an enormous amount of homes at a competitive price. Door drops are also incredibly effective at reaching homes and businesses across the Greater London region. A leaflet delivery campaign like this, if handled and managed correctly, can provide a high return on investment.

Through effective leaflet distribution methods, your business can advertise products or services in a wide range of printed materials, through UK mailboxes. You can do this through direct mail services too, but you can reach an enormous number of addresses at a lower cost with proactive, trusted leaflet delivery services.

Why Use a Distribution Services?

Leaflet distribution services are widely-used by local authorities, businesses, councils, government bodies and even Members of Parliament (MPs) to deliver important and engaging information to residents in their constituencies. This is particularly prominent at election times, or when residents need to be informed of local construction work taking place nearby, or that planning permission has been granted.

Speak to a London Leaflet Distribution Expert

If you are considering leaflet delivery, or have any questions about where to begin with a new campaign using intuitive leaflet delivery solutions, then speak to Lbox Communications. We can help streamline your processes and communications, and ensure you’re left with a solution that is designed to help you, and make the whole system straightforward.