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Solus Leaflet Distribution

There are several different types of leaflet distribution that Lbox Communications can help you with. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your leaflet delivery campaign is right for you, and our team of experienced, professional experts can provide you with advice to help you improve your chances of receiving a return on investment. 

One of these leaflet distribution services we offer is Solus distribution.

What is Solus Leaflet Distribution?

Solus leaflet distribution campaigns maximise the visibility of your printed communications and marketing material. This is because by choosing Solus, you can run leaflet drops on their own, without other marketing taking eyes away from yours.

Many businesses and public bodies opt for Solus leaflet delivery because they recognise the value in impact delivery at a time that suits them. Their campaigns are highly-targeted and require eye-catching, relevant and high-quality printed materials to maximise on visibility, communication and engagement.

Many companies choose Solus distribution services to deliver leaflets and flyers, and also magazines and other promotional material.

How Does Solus Distribution Work?

Solus distribution involves hand delivery, thereby offering you complete customisation in terms of where and when your printed leaflets or flyers will be delivered. 

There are no other printed materials delivered at the same time as your communications, so you have the full attention and engagement of potential customers. By giving you the control of leaflet delivery times and targeted areas, you are really capitalising on an excellent opportunity to reach your ideal audience.

At Lbox Communications we offer flexible Solus leaflet distribution campaigns to suit businesses nationally and internationally.

Solus Distribution Process

  1. Planning – we can help plan your targeted leaflet door drops, and how many you will need to cover your desired area.
  2. Delivery tracking – using our full-time, uniformed, supervised delivery services we  offer you an effective method of tracking your deliveries.
  3. Back-checks – using our tracking systems we give you the ability to see whether any roads have been missed, and ensure any homes or businesses receive your material in a timely manner.

Why Choose Lbox Communications?

Lbox Communications have been successfully handling leaflet distribution campaigns for over 25 years. We are proud to have helped our clients generate fantastic results, completing thousands of drops per annum.

  • All of our processes and systems are ISO 9001 verified (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).
  • We offer flexible distribution dates, giving our clients more scope for preferred distribution dates that suit their industry.
  • Lbox Communications offer live GPS tracking, ensuring all of our teams have GPS devices on them during every leaflet or flyer drop.
  • Innovate web-based booking portals give our clients the ability to manage and oversee all ongoing campaigns.
  • Lbox Communications also offer added-value print services, with an experienced team who can ensure your material is printed to the highest standard often with a 48hr turnaround
  • Our service-driven team work with you to map the best areas for delivery and will always be on hand to assist you with current or future drops.

Other Leaflet Distribution Methods

We have various distribution methods which we can offer our clients, and you can find out more about them by clicking the links below.

Leaflet Distribution

Any business can use leaflet distribution to promote their business, and Lbox Communications can work together with you to create a winning campaign.