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Shared Leaflet Distribution

At Lbox Communications, we do more than print your marketing material and send it to your customers’ doors, hoping for the best. We offer a full-scale leaflet distribution service that we tailor specifically to each of our clients. We take each leaflet distribution campaign seriously, viewing each one as a perfect opportunity to help our clients reach their target customers, achieve a return on their investment and recognise the value in targeted leaflet distribution.

We work alongside clients in numerous industries and accommodate their needs using different, bespoke leaflet distribution services. One of these is shared leaflet distribution, which is another popular, cost-effective choice of marketing used by many businesses.

What is Shared Leaflet Distribution?

Shared distribution provides much the same versatility and reliability as Solus leaflet distribution, coming at a lower cost. Leaflets are distributed with up to two non-competing businesses to your target area. 

This leaflet delivery method involves much of the same planning and preparation as Solus. All campaigns are flexible and highly-targeted to specific postcode areas, and Lbox Communications take great care to ensure that all printed materials, leaflets and flyers distributed do not pose a conflict of interest with yours.

How Does Shared Distribution Work?

Shared leaflet delivery is regularly available through our long term contracts with public and private sector contracts which cover large areas of Greater London on a regular basis. In order to deliver materials using shared distribution, delivery dates and times could vary, as it depends on the agreed delivery timeframe for the ‘base’ item.

At Lbox Communications, we work to ensure that your material is printed and distributed as quickly as possible. However, we often cannot guarantee start dates for shared distribution.

Why Choose Lbox Communications?

Lbox Communications have been successfully handling leaflet distribution campaigns for over 25 years. We are proud to have helped our clients generate fantastic results, completing thousands of drops per annum.

We have helped our clients successfully deliver thousands of newsletters, communications, magazines and other printed materials using shared distribution. For over 25 years, we have helped local, regional and national companies deliver materials using a highly-targeted service, as well as innovative technology that provides them total oversight on their campaign progress and success.

  • Flyer and leaflet printing services with fast turnaround times, is part of our standard service, so our customers can expect high-quality print as standard.
  • Our systems are certified against leading frameworks, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, meaning we are committed to ensuring consistent quality and environmental management.
  • We offer our clients as much flexibility as possible to select preferred distribution dates, areas and potential customers that are best suited to their industry.
  • We provide expert technical advice and support to our customers before, during and after all of their leaflet drops.
  • Technology is at the heart of what we do, with our booking portals giving our customers the ability to book their campaigns quickly and easily,
  • Customers can choose between our uniformed, full-time, tracked staff for deliveries, or through Royal Mail, we also offer addressed direct mail services
  • Our GPS tracking systems give our clients peace of mind, knowing that all deliveries are being professionally handled and monitored.
  • Our web-based tools allow you to map the most appropriate areas for your delivery and we’re always on hand to offer assistance and support with current or future drops.

Other Leaflet Distribution Methods

We have various distribution methods which we can offer our clients, and you can find out more about them by clicking the links below.

Leaflet Distribution

Any business can use leaflet distribution to promote their business, and Lbox Communications can work together with you to create a winning campaign.