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Selective Leaflet Distribution

While Lbox Communications offer shared and Solus leaflet distribution services for our clients, and tailor each one specifically to their industry, customers and areas, sometimes our clients need help with a leaflet campaign that’s a little more specific.

We help our clients map and survey specific addresses, and give them ideal targeted areas for selective leaflet delivery.

What is Selective Leaflet Distribution?

For our customers that require a more specific, laser-targeted campaign, selective leaflet distribution is an excellent way to achieve your goals.

Selective distribution allows you to target customers and areas that meet specific criteria, such as property type, street list or your own database of addresses. Selective leaflet drops can be targeted and completed for homes and business addresses where a more specific approach is necessary.

Selective distribution allows companies to distribute to the following:

  • Specific streets
  • Full postcodes
  • A database of addresses
  • Specific property types
  • Properties on a particular street, or within a particular postcode or council sector

Choosing selective distribution gives clients full control over their leaflet and flyer distribution campaigns. This means that variables like start dates, lead times and distribution areas can be chosen by the client, allowing Lbox Communications to operate in accordance with their campaign guidelines and against their specified standards. Put simply, by using Lbox Communications for selective distribution, the campaign can be tailored exactly to meet our client’s requirements.

How Does Selective Distribution Work?

Selective leaflet delivery services allow our customers to pinpoint their target audience at a near-microscopic level. This can come in the form of specific streets or postcode areas, right down to individual properties or business addresses.

When there is a need to target a laser-defined set of properties or businesses over a specific period of time, then selective distribution offers local, regional and national companies campaigns that can be tailored to meet their requirements. 

Lbox Communications offer selective distribution services to give our customers that focus, flexibility and bespoke service to plan their campaigns in accordance with the criteria and guidelines they set out. Whether this is for a housing association newsletter or to update residents on waste and recycling services, selective leaflet targeting gives our customers that flexibility they need to target potential customers in the best possible way, at the most convenient times

Why Choose Lbox Communications?

  • Selective distribution is unique to Lbox Communications, planned using software developed in-house by our team.
  • Our distributors are all uniformed, full-time professionals, who are GPS tracked during every targeted door drop.
  • During our consultations, we work out the most ideal distribution dates, areas, customers as well as the most effective leaflet distribution method for our clients.
  • In-house flyer and leaflet printing services are available on every campaign,   completed to the highest standard with fast turnaround times, using the latest in print technology.
  • All of our processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • Our dedicated leaflet distribution team will be on hand to assist you every step of the way regarding concerns or queries with technology, dates and added support.

Other Leaflet Distribution Methods

We have various distribution methods which we can offer our clients, and you can find out more about them by clicking the links below.

Leaflet Distribution

Any business can use leaflet distribution to promote their business, and Lbox Communications can work together with you to create a winning campaign.