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Distribution Methods

What is Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet distribution, otherwise known as leaflet delivery or door drop marketing, is the process of delivering printed materials to homes and businesses. 

Leaflet distribution companies, like Lbox Communications, are widely relied upon by organisations, government departments, councils, agencies and authorities to oversee and manage their flyer distribution. We have over 25 years of experience in leaflet distribution, delivering over 25 million items per year. 

One of the many advantages of an effective, thorough leaflet distribution campaign is that a business can directly market to residents within their home, driving them to purchase online or instore, for a reasonable price, in a relatively short space of time.

Leaflet delivery is an effective method of direct marketing for companies looking for a tangible return on investment. There are several specific methods of distribution, which are available to companies on the lookout for cost-effective and efficient flyer distribution services. We offer these specific distribution services here at Lbox Communications.

Door-to-Door Leaflet Distribution Methods

Solus distribution services ensure that your leaflets or flyers are delivered on their own, for maximum impact when they arrive. This service is highly effective for companies who want to target customers in specific areas, at times when it is convenient and when customers are most likely to take action.

Shared leaflet delivery services involve matching your printed leaflets or flyers with up to two non-competing clients who are targeting the same area. By sharing the distribution you can save on costs, but still enjoy all the reliability of Solus leaflet distribution.

Selective flyering allows you to refine your delivery requirements, to reach more intricately-targeted areas and homes. Selective distribution is ideal for companies who require specific destinations, property types or target demographics or audiences. Selective leaflet distribution is an effective way for companies to stand out amongst their competitors.

All of our distributors carry a GPS tracking device, allowing for real-time GPS monitoring. This data is collected and stored within our web-based dashboard. This allows us to quickly and easily complete post-delivery checks and reporting combining both GPS tracking data and real-world reporting from our driver supervisors.

Managed Leaflet Delivery Services

Whatever your requirements are for leaflet distribution, door-to-door leaflet drops, Lbox Communications are here to help you.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do here at Lbox Communications, and our innovative solutions are designed to make your leaflet drops reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Our cutting-edge web portals, along with our high-quality service, delivery and print & design services, allow our customers to effectively and simply manage their leaflet distribution campaigns, with ongoing support from our dedicated team.

Lbox Communications comply with all operational requirements and complaints handling procedures, as defined by Postcomm (Postal Services Regulations 2008)