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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Direct Mail Piece

A direct mail piece that stands out from the competition is essential for a successful marketing campaign. Beat your competition and attract your customers’ attention with these 5 steps to create brand recognition, promote your business and establish more customer relationships with a perfect direct mail piece.

Size Matters

Start by choosing the right size and paper that reflects your business. Remember to keep in mind that standard letter weight and sizing is up to 100g and under 240 x 165mm. Keeping to these restrictions is more economical, however if you cater to more high-end customers, then making an impact with larger sizing and thicker stock paper could be a better idea. Is your message small or large? A postcard or a brochure? If in doubt go one size bigger; cramming to save on costs will never improve your investment in the long run.

Research and Innovation

Who are you aiming your campaign at and how will you catch their attention? Don’t just tell customers what you do, build stories and imagery around your business to create a story. Your mail piece should epitomise your business, so if your product is sophisticated and contemporary, the look and feel of your mail piece should match.

No Gimmicks!!!

All capitals, italic bold and excessive exclamation marks come across as tacky, old-fashioned and often spammy. Appearance-wise, avoid snazzy fonts that are hard to read- simplicity can make more impact.


There are so many options to personalise a direct mail piece. You could just personalise an envelope or postcard, or go creative. Integrate names into an image, such as the customer’s name on the cream of a coffee, the gift tag of a present or written in the sand on a beach. Be imaginative to stand out!


Ensure you have a call-to-action. On your direct mail piece, tell your potential customer to call you or visit your website and list your information. You need the customer to know exactly what you want them to do and how they should follow up. Offering a special discount on the piece can also lead to better conversion rates. Why not incorporate a convenient reply device, such as a reply envelope or slip – the easier it is for them to get in touch, the more successful your direct mailer will be.

At Lbox we have the experience and expertise to design, manufacture and mail out the perfect direct mail campaign for your business. We offer a personal, professional, flexible and cost effective service for all your direct mail requirements so get in touch on 01344 481 575 or drop us an email on