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Leaflet Campaign Planning

Lbox Communications offer uniformed, GPS-tracked teams to deliver your materials, ensuring that your leaflets and flyers end up in the hands of your target customers. Lbox Communications take great care in making sure each drop is completed on time, and support this with professional, efficient printing services as well.

Whenever you begin planning a leaflet delivery campaign or letterbox marketing campaign, you have to think strategically about your target audience, the households or businesses you want to target in a particular geographic location and what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign. Lbox Communications are here to take the stress away that campaign planning often causes.

Leaflet Distribution Advice

Lbox Communications, with over 25 years of experience handling leaflet and flyer distribution in London and the surrounding areas, can help plan your next campaign in all aspects. We can help you map out your desired target distribution area, and our easy-to-use, intuitive software will identify appropriate residential or commercial premises that your chosen area contains. It will then allow you to order however many leaflets or flyers you need to cover this particular area, rather than make an assumption and find out when it’s too late that you have too many leaflets (or not enough) for optimum distribution.

Lbox Communications are driven to help you achieve the most from your leaflet distribution campaign. Whatever your goals or targets are, we can help you manage your campaign effectively by offering assistance and advice on door drops, distribution methods (Solus, shared or selective) and ensure that your flyer delivery is targeting the right locations (so your message is picked up and seen by the right people).

Leaflet Marketing for Your Target Audience

Lbox Communications’ leaflet distribution campaign planning service helps you identify some smaller, more remote areas which we can help you cover. Our campaign planning helps us figure out ways in which you can maximise community engagement, responses, or if you’re in the private sector, conversions. 

Well-designed, high-quality leaflets have more chance of success. Leaflet distribution, door-to-door marketing and Direct Mail campaigns have proven enormously successful and effective means of promoting your messaging, as well as generating business and building awareness. 

When planned and executed correctly, in conjunction with the right letterbox distribution partner, campaigns can prove to be an excellent method of generating leads, sales and reaching your customers. Lbox Communications can help ensure all the pieces are in place before your campaign begins to ensure that your marketing and advertising budget is not going to waste. We have proven experience in handling all types of campaigns, and will work to ensure that your campaign has the biggest chance of success in your target area.

Hopefully, this guide to leaflet distribution planning and management will help you get the most from your campaign. Should you have any questions or concerns about leaflet or flyer distribution, please feel free to contact Lbox Communications today.

Leaflet Marketing Planning

Need help planning your leaflet delivery campaign? If you have not correctly invested in a leafleting campaign previously we are able to help you plan the next run for it to be a success.