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Resident Communications

At Lbox Communications we understand the challenges of organising communications around construction projects. Whether a consultation, public exhibition, newsletter or notice of works, our services have you covered.

Our web-based booking portals, supported by high quality, fast turnaround print and delivery, help ensure you never miss your deadlines.

What makes us unique

We are curious by nature; our team start by understanding your business and challenges before working backwards to provide a solution. Based on your needs, we tailor the booking portal to offer you the most appropriate mapping tools, search functions, print products and delivery services.

Our service transforms the process of organising resident communications from slow and manual to simple and fast, with efficiencies throughout.

Lbox Communications at a glance

instant quotes

online booking

24hr print & delivery

Some features our clients love

  • Easy to use mapping functions
  • Industry specific search functionality
  • Instant property counts
  • Tailored print options
  • Mail and unaddressed delivery options
  • Real time job updates

Leaflet Distribution

We offer four types of leaflet distribution to suit your needs and budget. Leaflet Distribution is a very effective media for distributing leaflets, flyers, magazines and product samples. To create a successful door to door campaign there are three key areas to consider – your target market, the creative and offer and the delivery method.

At Lbox Communications we will help you create and plan your campaign before providing flexible, reliable and timed delivery.