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Royal Borough of Greenwich tellthem Case Study
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The Royal Borough of Greenwich depends on tellthem™ to send poll cards to over 100,000 addresses

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The Lbox Communications solution was simple and straightforward to implement and their team were on hand both during implementation and throughout the distribution to answer any queries we had.
Royal Borough of Greenwich

The Background

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has over 113,000 residential delivery addresses running from Woolwich in the north to Eltham in the south.

The Council’s electoral services team were looking for a cost-effective, reliable solution for the upcoming poll card mailings covering London mayoral elections, by-elections and the 2016 EU referendum. The print and production of the poll cards were also moving in-house, so the solution needed to be workable within the Council’s print facility.

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"By using Lbox Communications postal service we were able to save over 40% on our postage costs whilst at the same time seeing a reduction in the number of non-distribution complaints we had received in previous years. I would not hesitate to recommend Lbox Communications mail service."

The Solution

Working with the Council’s electoral services and print teams, Lbox Communications implemented a solution which, importantly, involved only two key changes for Greenwich – namely changing the postage-paid impression on each item and producing the polling cards by Greenwich’s 120 polling districts before bagging and labelling the poll cards for collection.

The deliveries were carried out in the required time frame by our full-time, uniformed and GPS-tracked staff under their OFCOM-regulated postal operator’s licence (CL160).

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