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MGJV – Thames Water

The Background

Morrison Utilities are working with Thames Water to install smart meters across the Greater London area. Thames Water forecasts show that unless we do something now, there will be a shortfall of around 130 million litres of water a day in London by 2025. A time sensitive project both Morrison and Thames needed a supplier who matched their speed of delivery.

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The Solution

Lbox Communications print and deliver resident letters across Greater London. Lbox Communications supply a range of branded envelopes, print thirty different letter versions depending on the customer type that we provide. Lbox Communications enclose letters to the correctly branded envelope and create a pack including a 28pp booklet as required.

The implementation of the service was smooth, and we use Lbox Communications to deliver up to 40,000 items a week. The delivery service is robust and reliable; the prices are competitive and can be fixed in the long term. This is a highly complex operation that means we can provide a seamless personalised experience to our customers. I would not hesitate to recommend Lbox Communications service.

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