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Lexington Communications tellthem Case Study
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Lexington Communications employs tellthem™ to easily identify, consult and engage locals

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Lbox Communications are the only company we trust to deliver these crucial invitations. Everyone trusts the Royal Mail’s ability to deliver and we use this ‘gold standard’ service on almost all our projects. Lbox Communications leave nothing to chance, which is why we use them every single time.
Lexington Communications

The Background

Lexington Communications are one of the UK’s leading strategy and communications consultancies. Its planning and local government practice helps a wide range of clients from a spectrum of sectors navigate the politics of planning and, as a result, secure the planning permissions they need to reach their business goals.

Lexington and Lbox Communications have worked together on several projects including Inland Homes’ Wilton Park project, and the latest regeneration plans at Berkeley Homes’ Kidbrooke Village project.

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"Ensuring that the invite to your public exhibition hits every single doormat is absolutely crucial. It is the weakest part of the public consultation process and the one that’s most open to question from local residents when it comes to the Planning Committee determining what is often a multi-million pound scheme.

When we have opted for the hand delivery option, I can sleep at night safe in the knowledge that people will come to our exhibitions to discuss what is being proposed, not to question why they didn’t get the invite and only found out about the event by chance."

The Solution

As part of the engagement process, Lexington wanted to identify, consult, engage and run events for the public in the local area. Lbox Communications provided Lexington with access to their Targeted Delivery and Mapping Platform (tellthem™) which enabled the team to map consultation areas, obtain address counts and secure instant quotations. The client dashboard meant consultation areas could be saved and edited in line with stakeholder feedback, and presented to the end client simply and easily.

We then provided our 24hr print and delivery service for consultation letters or public exhibition invites. Using the platform, combined with confirmation reports, gave demonstrable evidence that the notifications had reached the addresses required. With projects often being very high profile and politically sensitive, Lbox allocated a dedicated key account manager to be on hand throughout.

Unlimited mapping and planning - set up and go