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Concilio tellthem Case Study
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Concilio uses tellthem™ to engage the community and inspire positive change

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Working with Lbox Communications gives us at Concilio the reassurance the delivery will be to the highest standard and that every letterbox will receive our mailing. With both printing and delivery being in-house we can get a quick turnaround, providing our clients with the best, most reliable and high-quality service available.

The Background

The Concilio team is comprised of politically active members who want to see the development this country needs take place. Concilio know that to do this people need to feel genuinely engaged with, not spoken to.

In short, they bring people together to create better places. As such using a company that understands the importance of quality print and accurate delivery is a key part of their overall engagement strategy.

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Project Stats

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"The team at Lbox are proactive in finding the right mailing solution for us, with a proactive approach and excellent advice on every project. Always go the extra mile, accommodating our needs."

The Solution

Working in a demanding and ever-changing market Concilio requires a service provider that allows them to respond quickly to their clients, and suggest different solutions based on the aims, area and budget. A fast turnaround from order to delivery is often required.

At Lbox Communications we put in place our Targeted Delivery and Mapping Platform (tellthem™); giving the team at Concilio the tools they needed to present clients with different consultation options and costs quickly and easily. Utilising our 24hr print and delivery service means Concilio and their clients can reach residents and businesses in a timely fashion with news and updates on the project. We provide a high-quality and fast-paced solution allowing Concilio to engage with the community in an effective, clear and efficient manner.

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